the fisherman, the butterfly, eve & her lover — a parable

4/15/2023 @ 8:00 pm - 12:00 AM - 4/23/2023 Lillie Theatre, 1300 Bingham St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203

CORNINGWORKS. The Glue Factory Projects presents: the fisherman, the butterfly, eve & her lover — a parable Specifically created for, and performed in, CITY THEATRE’s intimately-sized LILLIE THEATRE. An experiential, sensual, multi-disciplined dancetheater production created for intimate audiences of 50. Choreographer Beth Corning is known for her mature, socially aware approach to tackling current and provocative subject matter and in this newest production she turns to climate change and its ever-growing devastation — delving into the questions of consumption, globalization, and the world’s developing ecological crisis. With her signature sardonic insight and biting humor, Corning bares our human pathos, via lush movement, and surprising theatrical inventions. Picture four eccentric characters launched, along with the audience, onto a marooned shore . . . think 3.5 tons of sand. "Water, water, everywhere...Nor any drop to drink" (from RIMES OF AN ANCIENT MARINER) Corning, along with her collaborative design team wrestle with ever-mounting questions: Considering the scope of what’s unraveling around the world, how much do our little individual efforts really matter? And if we choose not to make changes, are we just burying our heads in the sand? With the worlds building greed and growing sense of dissociation, what WILL our world look like in the future. All audience members must wear a mask at all times.