Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania

Address: 6620 Hamilton Avenue City: Pittsburgh State: PA Zip Code: 15208 Web Address: Phone Number: 412-345-7300 Toll Free Phone Number: Fax Number: Company Description:

The Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center and Western Pennsylvania Humane Society have become Humane Animal Rescue! The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (founded in 1874) and the Animal Rescue League (founded in 1909) each had rich histories of helping animals in our community. In 2017, our two organizations merged to form one of the largest animal welfare associations in Pennsylvania, tasked with providing enhanced services to domestic and wild animals alike. Humane Animal Rescue continues the legacies of the Animal Rescue League & Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, bringing greater efficiency in animal care processes, staff training, and cutting-edge practices to one cohesive organization.

Looking to volunteer in the Pittsburgh area?
Humane Animal Rescue is very proud of the commitment and dedication of our volunteers. Over 500 individuals have chosen to help us come to the rescue of thousands of animals per year. We’re so glad that you’re interested joining them!

East End Animal Resource Center
6926 Hamilton Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Phone: 412-345-7300

Northside Shelter & Clinic
1101 Western Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Phone: 412-321-4625

Wildlife Center
6000 Verona Road Verona, PA 15147
Phone: 412-345-7300 x500