Teen Quest

Address: 293 Rich Road City: Somerset State: PA Zip Code: 15501 Web Address: http://www.teenquest.org Phone Number: 814-444-9500 Toll Free Phone Number: (800) 288-8336 Fax Number: (724) 547-5523 Company Description: Teen Quest is a youth ministry reaching a world of teenagers for Jesus Christ from Western Pennsylvania. Student camping and activities at our Ranch in Somerset, PA. Summer and winter camping = Activities: paintball, horseback riding, caving, rock climbing, x-treme sports, white-water rafting, snowtubing, skiing, x-country skiing, snowmobile rides, x-treme sledding, atv trails, x-treme skatboarding with skatpark, snowboarding, concerts, backpacking, biking, music/drama camp, fishing, boating, and basketball-football-volleyball tournaments. Mission trips - activities for youth groups - cafe' - events - parent seminars - and October Haunted House "Scaremare!" We are looking for students to get involved NOW! Call today or visit the website for more information.