Allegheny National Forest Region

Address: Warren, Tionesta and Cooksburg region City: State: PA Zip Code: Web Address: Phone Number: Toll Free Phone Number: Fax Number: Company Description: The Allegheny National Forest sits in the rugged plateau country of northwestern Pennsylvania. Many creeks and streams cut deeply into the plateau, creating a rolling and sometimes steep topography with a 1,300 foot range of elevation. The terrain is covered with a typical eastern hardwood forest: Black cherry, yellow poplar, white ash, red maple, and sugar maple are all common to the area. The Tionesta and Research Natural Areas and Hearts Content Area feature some of the oldest and largest tracts of virgin beech-hemlock forest in the eastern United States. The Allegheny River Islands Wilderness is another unique feature of the Allegheny National Forest. The seven islands in the Allegheny River offer remote canoeing and back-country camping.