Rivers of Steel Heritage Tours

Address: 338 East Ninth Avenue, First Floor City: Homestead State: PA Zip Code: 15120 Web Address: http://www.riversofsteel.com Phone Number: (412)464-5119 Toll Free Phone Number: Fax Number: Company Description: Rivers of Steel is coordinated by the Steel Industry Heritage Corporation, a regional non-profit organization that works with communities to identify, conserve, promote and interpret the cultural, historical, recreational, and economic resources associated with steel-related industries. The Rivers of Steel mission is educating current and future generations on how the steel industry has played a major role in shaping not only the economy of the region, but also the culture, environment and social characteristics of Mon Valley communities. The tour guides, former millworkers and community residents themselves, weave their personal recollections into thoroughly researched, historical and cultural travelogues.