Address: 1343 Davis Avenue City: Pittsburgh State: PA Zip Code: 15212-1997 Web Address: http://www.apologetix.com Phone Number: 412-766-2911 Toll Free Phone Number: Fax Number: Company Description: ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band) specializes in Biblical spoofs of rock songs from the 1950's-2000. It's kind of like "Weird Al" Yankovic meets Billy Graham. With over 400 parodies, the Pittsburgh-based group appeals to all ages and to Christians and non-Christians. ApologetiX has been featured on shows as diverse as The Dr. Demento Show and the 700 Club, and the band's parodies are played on hundreds of radio stations worldwide. Five CDs are currently available. ApologetiX performs concerts all around the country, including many of the major Christian festivals. Bookings: 605-334-6652