Kofenya Restaurant & Bar

Address: 210 Valleybrook Road City: Venetia State: PA Zip Code: 15317 Web Address: http://www.kofenya.com Phone Number: (724) 941-2233 Toll Free Phone Number: Fax Number: (724) 941-1882 Company Description: Kofenya, a posh, bi-level restaurant, features European architecture and boasts ultra-comfortable, luxurious surroundings. Kofenya provides exceptional service accompanied by fabulous, consistently prepared culinary creations concentrating on both detail and presentation. Kofenya offers an international menu, both diversified and reasonably priced, created from fresh ingredients that cater to all culinary tastes with accompanying wine & liquor selections. Live jazz can be enjoyed Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Business hours Tues-Thurs 11AM-12AM (lunch & dinner), Fri-Sat 8AM-2AM (breakfast,lunch,dinner), Sunday 8AM-10PM (breakfast until 1pm, lunch & dinner).