Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

PITTSBURGH VINTAGE GRAND PRIX - July 11 through 21, 2019
The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is the nation’s largest vintage street race with 11 days of racing, car shows, parties, parades and motorsport events. This year the race will celebrate 37 years of racing through the streets of Schenley Park.

Charity Event
The race's mission is to produce a world-class vintage automotive event to raise funds for autistic and intellectually/developmentally disabled individuals in the Pittsburgh region. Because of the generous support from volunteers and sponsors the event has donated $5.5 million since 1983, including a record $410,000 last year!

What started as a single day race in 1983 has grown into a motorsport festival with two full race weekends and 10 days of parties, parades and car shows. There is something at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix for anyone who has any kind of fondness for things that go “vroom.” The following links will give you just a taste of what the PVGP has to offer.

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