Reflections of Pittsburgh: Fun, Interesting and Not-so-Boring Things to do in Pittsburgh

If you are reading this then you are probably an adventurous Pittsburgher looking for some fun, interesting and not-so-boring things to do around town. If so, check out this exciting list of Pittsburgh events and activities and kiss boredom goodbye. Go try a unique eatery or pub downtown or in one of Pittsburgh's many neighborhoods.  Try and find the best ice cream sundae in the city of Pittsburgh.  Go fishing on the North Shore. Plan a night out to see a local band at the many venues around the city. Maybe volunteer for a good cause or just go for a nature walk in one of Pittsburgh's beautiful parks.  Here are a few great starter ideas on how to create your very own Pittsburgh adventure!  Have fun!

The Best Places in Pittsburgh To Get Ice Cream
Looking for some of the most delicious, freshest, over the top ice cream flavors and sundaes in and around the City of Pittsburgh?
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Where to See Local Bands and Concerts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
There are so many great music venues of all sizes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to catch local bands and international music acts. The music scene in Pittsburgh continues to get stronger year after year and so do the venues that host the shows.
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Great Pittsburgh Date Night Dinner Spots
Here are some great suggestions for date-night dinner spots in Pittsburgh.
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The Best Places in Pittsburgh to Grab a Sandwich
Looking for some of the most over-the-top, ginormous and delicious sandwiches in and around the City of Pittsburgh?
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Best Parks to Visit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
If so, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has a park for all of your outdoor fun, historical interests and exercise needs. Here are some of the great regional, county, city and local parks located throughout the Pittsburgh area.
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Pittsburgh Creekside
Check out this blog if you are looking to learn a little about about fishing the rivers in the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.
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Off the Beaten Path - Pittsburgh's Latodami Nature Event Center at North Park
Looking for a place to take a brisk hike, a quiet nature walk or perhaps participate in an outdoor conservation event? If yes, then visit the Latodami Nature Center, the gem of North Park.
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Volunteer Pittsburgh
Places to volunteer around Pittsburgh.
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photo credits: Scott Kozelnik