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THRILLIST - The Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 States

Pennsylvania is ranked 12 out of 50 in this THRILLIST ranking of all 50 states. There are some nice references to our beloved Pittsburgh.

12. Pennsylvania

Despite being home to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, sandwiches that incorporate French fries as a filling, and football fans who steal prosthetic legs, Pennsylvania still feels like it flies a bit under the radar sometimes. Whether it’s a product of being caught between the equally distracting spheres of DC and New York or everyone’s lingering confusion about the Pennsylvania Dutch actually being German, who knows.

But Pennsylvania has certain charms that become increasingly apparent when you look past the obvious stuff. Cheesesteaks are great and all, but those roast pork numbers are arguably more delicious.

Pittsburgh’s underrated both as a cultural center and in its efficient choice to keep the color schemes of its sports teams consistent. Scranton has... the memory of Joe Biden bragging about how rough it was growing up there in a vice presidential debate. But hey, Pennsylvania doesn’t want to be perfect. It just wants to consume pretzels at an alarming frequency while ignoring all the bad stuff Ben Roethlisberger probably did and the plot holes in most of the Rocky movies.

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