Run for Humanity is a thrilling post-apocalyptic trail course. A zombie outbreak has infected the world! A quarantine sight has been set up at the Four-Season Pavilion at Brady\'s Run Park, a safe haven where survivors from all over have congregated to share resources and wait out the imposing disaster. As the survivors settle in and begin to plan, there is a commotion. An unsettling feeling, growing murmurs, panic...screams. There has been a breach. The zombies are here. There is nothing to do but RUN!! Register as Humans, Zombies, or Placed Zombies. Humans are given three belt flags aka "lives". Zombies are trying to snatch your flags. Humans get and advanced start on running zombies but will encounter "placed" zombies who will be coming out of hiding at various spots along the course! Humans strive to keep at least one flag at the finish line. *Human runners: You will have the choice to have flags or not. Children under 14 years of age will not be allow to have flags to ensure their safety. If you do choose to have flags, if all of your flags have been taken, you are NOT automatically transformed into a zombie and you may NOT take another runners flags, chase other runners, or pick flags up off the ground. Survivor with the best times win Ultimate Survivor title and prize. Zombies are vying to grab as many flags as possible in the quest to be named Master of the Zombies. Prizes awarded for best individual costumes as well. Do to the nature of this race, please leave fur babies at home. Otherwise they may end up as zombie snacks.