Writing Outside the Lines

1/11/2018 @ 6:30pm - 12:00 AM - 2/8/2018 Creative Nonfiction Foundation

There are many ways to tell stories that are true. In this lively five-workshop Thursday series, examples and writing prompts will help you practice innovative ways of breaking through traditional essay structure and thinking about how form can complement content in creative nonfiction. Activities and prompts include writing a short food memoir in the form of a recipe card, a flash nonfiction piece about a transformative moment that leaps in time, a six-word memoir, an encyclopedia entry, and a sensory map. You and your peers will examine how the fine art of perhaps-ing, or the speculative, can broaden the reach of your storytelling. Between sessions, you\'ll revise your work to share with the instructor and your peers at the next meeting, and for the final workshop, you will choose one piece to revise for possible publication. We\'ll also learn more about magazines that publish experimental and traditional forms. Click the link to our website for week-by-week descriptions. [https:\/\/www.creativenonfiction.org\/products\/writing-outside-lines]