The Art of Love 2018 Artist’s Reception


“Love is patient; love is kind.” “Love hurts, love scars.” Whether you have loved and lost or loved and won, we’ve all felt the ups and downs that come from that feeling of love in our lives. Whatever your current take, this mixed media collection aims to explore love in all its forms, from dark to light.

With work utilizing such techniques as watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, graphite sketching, wood-burning, mixed media and 3-D pieces, and even jewelry creations, the art is as varied and nuanced as the feelings of love itself.

The artists hail from Greensburg, Latrobe, and Jeannette, to as far away as Connellsville and Pittsburgh. The artists range from an elementary school student to retired schoolteachers; those with higher education degrees in art to those who will be showcasing their art for the very first time.

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