Falconry- The Sport of Kings at the National Aviary

8/18/2018 @ 10:00AM - 12:00 AM National Aviary

Join the National Aviary’s certified falconer, Cathy Schlott, to discover the history, practices, and theories behind the unique sport of falconry. Explore the variety of birds used in the sport and why they are selected, and become familiar with equipment and regulations governing falconry in the United States. This unique two hour class will provide participants with: - An overview of the sport, including how it was used in the past and what makes it relevant today - A chance to see, touch and work with the equipment used for falconry - Information on how to become a certified falconer - An opportunity to see a Lanner Falcon up-close and take photos - A demonstration of lure flying and falconry.

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