Children's Museum of Pittsburgh MAKEnight: Magic (21+)

11/15/2018 @ 6:30PM - 12:00 AM Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Grab your wand, throw on your cape and join us at the Children's Museum for a night of making, magic and more! Try these spellbinding activities as you mingle, drink, eat and explore the museum's first-floor exhibits and interactive art: DO+MAKE: Create your own magic wand for all your mystical needs Take a photo of your magic in action and slow down time with light painting Want to look into your future, ask our Crystal Ball! It only tells the truth, we swear Try the art of book binding by making your own spell book. What secrets will yours hold? Explore the art of Calligraphy! There are no spell-checking quills here, friend Make a wax seal for your secret letters Try your hand at paper marbling. Smoke and mirrors? Nah, just paper and water! EAT+DRINK: Enjoy a glass of fermented grape potion provided by Barefoot Wines! We see Smiley cookies in your future! Decorate a Smiley cookie provided by Eat n' Park Cop Out Pierogies brings light fare that will leave your taste buds spellbound Sample from our cauldron of witches brew provided by Ustianochka Vodka. Do you dare? We solemnly swear we are up to no good with this MAKEnight.