Art Exhibit Opening On The Wing Merriman /Tsouris / Mangano Opening June 15-continues to July 28

6/15/2018 @ 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM FrameHouse & Jask Gallery, 100 43rd Street, Unit 107 Pittsburgh, PA 15201

ON THE WING Exhibit Opening of Constance Merriman /Michel Demetria Tsouris / Maria Mangano ALL ABOUT BIRDS Each of us has explored a wide variety of these exquisite and mysterious animals. We have discovered their beauty, their behaviors, their histories and in some cases the consequences of human actions on their lives, habitat and resources. We have taken three distinctly different approaches to rendering the objects of our current desire. Our efforts have resulted in over 100 works for the exhibition. We hope to leave you with a deeper appreciation for these magnificent creatures. These birds are part of the intricate fabric of nature which, through our conscious stewardship can continue to thrive.