Jazz East

Address: 312 Black Oak Drive City: Natrona Hts. State: PA Zip Code: 15065 Web Address: http://www.jazzeast.net Phone Number: 724-226-2050 Toll Free Phone Number: Fax Number: Company Description: JAZZ EAST is one of the Pittsburgh area’s most entertaining Jazz ensembles who’s CD debut is a sampling of several Jazz styles and covers three generations of Jazz Improvisation. JAZZ EAST combines the very best of music styles like Jazz, Swing, Latin, Rock and much more. This band is definitely for those who like more than one kind of dressing on their musical salad. The members of JAZZ EAST are no strangers to the music scene. They have all been members of hard working and successful bands in the past, and are veterans at their craft. JAZZ EAST is fresh out of the studio with the release of their first CD “The Springwater Incident”, featuring the first two JAZZ EAST original songs. JAZZ EAST also recorded six great Jazz classics.